Cavusoglu: “Despite missiles shelling, Azerbaijani people showed strong resistance”

  • 17:25 11 November 2020

Cavusoglu: “Despite missiles shelling, Azerbaijani people showed strong resistance”

“Every citizen of the Republic of Turkey says Dear Azerbaijan,” said Turkish FM Mevlud Cavusoglu at a joint tree-planting campaign held in Ankara and Baku, ONA reports.

He said that Azerbaijan and Turkey are one nation and sees Azerbaijan as our soul and blood: “This is a word that comes from the heart of all of us. We have always said that we are with Azerbaijan. But this is not just in words. As Azerbaijan supported us on every platform, we also demonstrated our support to Dear Azerbaijan. Heroic Azerbaijani Army liberated the occupied territories one by one with a strong struggle. Agreements were sometimes reached on a ceasefire. Azerbaijan has also shown its readiness to liberate its lands through diplomatic ways. However, aggressor Armenia violated the ceasefire every time by committing crimes of humanity, war crimes, and attacking civilians ... On this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to the people of Azerbaijan. Despite missiles shelling, Azerbaijani people showed strong resistance standing by Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev and the Heroic Army. Armenia paid a heavy price for violating the ceasefire and was eventually obliged to surrender. However, we have been making the same call for many years to leave the occupied territories and leave peacefully. But Armenia did not choose it. As a result, Azerbaijan has achieved a great victory and continues to achieve.”