Chair of Press Council of Azerbaijan comments on Armenian journalist’s visit to Azerbaijan

  • 12:52 19 November 2019

Chair of Press Council of Azerbaijan comments on Armenian journalist’s visit to Azerbaijan

Chair of Press Council of Azerbaijan, deputy Aflatun Amashov has commented on the visit of Armenian journalists to Azerbaijan, ONA reports.

Chair of the Press Council of Azerbaijan Aflatun Amashov told ONA that certain discussions are being held on society in recent days regarding the visit of Armenian journalists to Azerbaijan:  “There are a lot of people who appeal to me and want to learn my opinion regarding this issue. I would like to comment briefly. Everyone knows that 20 percent of Azerbaijani lands were occupied by Armenia. The occupation has been continuing for about thirty years. It is also known that the Azerbaijani government and every citizen of our country will not accept this situation. The liberation of our lands is our common and sacred goal. All our activities are focused on this goal. I would like that all of us are guided just by this goal and from this point of view I consider incorrect the statement of a question as to the expediency of visit of Armenian journalists to Azerbaijan or prohibition of their visit or visit of our journalists to the enemy country or prohibition of such visits. Note that in general, intellectual contact is important”.

Chair of the Press Council of Azerbaijan noted that there have been reciprocal visits of journalists till 2001: “At that time there was hope. The mildness, (if it is possible to call in such way) was noticeable in the Armenian community. After the shelling of parliament in 1999, the direction of political processes started to change. As a result, Armenians indirectly withdrew from negotiations. Gradually, the process was deadlocked. Generally, the change of political situation impacted the visits of journalists as well. The visits slowed down and then stopped. As I know, the last journalist visiting from Azerbaijan to Armenia is the editor of Turan information Agency Shahin Hajiyev. The visit was realized at the beginning of this year. And I consider that this was useful.

"I return to the subject again. In 1999-2001, we wanted the Armenian Community to understand the real situation. We want it still, as Armenian Community does not have correct information about Nagorno Garabagh conflict today. The conflict has improperly interpreted. It came from their political targets.”

A. Amashov considers that we should coldly approach the issue: “Or rather peace search is underway, it is necessary to use all initiatives which can trigger the process. We should use all opportunities to take advantage of the process entitled “negotiation with the enemy”. Yes, Armenia is an enemy, as they occupied Azerbaijani territories. However, the title of our relations with Armenians on the ground of Nagorno Garabagh conflict is peace negotiation. Our state tries for it. Certainly, peace should be provided with fair terms. It means Azerbaijan’s occupied territories should be returned. Any compromise is out of the question in the issue. If we decide to make a war, we can give just a right to Armenians. A right of surrender…”