Community: Historical and cultural monuments on occupied territories are armenized under the cover of “rehabilitation” - [color=red]STATEMENT[/color]

  • 12:03 25 January 2020

Community: Historical and cultural monuments on occupied territories are armenized under the cover of “rehabilitation” - STATEMENT

The Azerbaijani community of Nagorno Garabagh region of Azerbaijan Republic has disseminated a statement, ONA reports.

The statement received by ONA from the community says recently the occupant Armenia and the illegal regime in Nagorno Garabagh have been conducting the Armenization policy under the cover of an intention to “rehabilitate” the historical and cultural monuments on Azerbaijan’s occupied territories.

“The regime having “rehabilitated” the Upper Govharagha mosque in Shusha considered an architectural pearl of Nagorno Garabagh and naming it as the “Persian cultural center” some time ago, currently is going to “rehabilitate” Shusha fortress founded by Panahali khan Javanshir, the builder of Garabagh Khanate in the 18th century. According to the information disseminated by mass media, it is not ruled out that in the future the same vandalism will be applied to the historical monuments situated in Aghdere and Lachin regions and belonging to Azerbaijani people. It is well known that thousands of our cultural, historical and religious monuments on Azerbaijan’s occupied territories have become a victim of Armenian aggression. Some part of these monuments has been completely erased from the earth. And the remaining monuments have been brought into unfit condition.

Along with occupying our lands, exposing our people to genocide and displacing thousands of people from their native land, Armenia also destroys our historical monuments. Currently Armenia implements pseudo and false “repair and rehabilitation” works in order to erase this stain from itself.

Not only us, but also international organizations should think of the outrageous purposes of Armenia under the cover of “rehabilitation” of these monuments, as spread of this tendency jeopardize cultural-historical heritage of the world.

All the monuments, situated in occupied territories, were erected by our forefathers; they bear handprints of our ancestors.

Vitalization of these monuments, which were inherited for us, will be one of our main duties after cease of Armenian occupation and return to out homeland. 

All these along with being in contradiction with the obligations undertaken by Armenia to UNESCO, are also the manifestation of this country’s hypocrite trait and the attempt to deceive the international community and to give a cultural and civil veneer to its vandalism actions”, the statement reads.