Criminal case launched on Armenian provocation

  • 15:35 02 March 2020

Criminal case launched on Armenian provocation

A criminal case has been launched on Armenian provocation, press services of State Border Service and Military Prosecutor's Office told ONA.

Regular and grossly violations of the ceasefire regime by Armenian Armed Forces in different directions has intensified recently.

On February 24, 2020, at 07:00, diversion attempt by Armenian Armed Forces from units located near Koti village in Noyemberyan district in the direction to the border post of State Border Service in the village of Gushchi Ayrim village of Kazakh region of Azerbaijan was prevented, enemy side which to suffer serious losses was forced to flee.

While preventing the provocation conducted by the diversion unit of the enemy with the use of grenades and other large caliber weapons, Azerbaijani border serviceman Valiyev Ibrahim Alamshah oglu martyred heroically.

The murder of a soldier of the State Border Service guarding the internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan is a crime, and the responsibility for this bloody act lies with the Armenian side.

100 bullet ribbon for PK machine gun, one unexploded RQ-42 hand grenade,  66 cartridges of 7,62 mm, food bag of intelligence diversion group (with canned goods, individual water supplies, bakery products ) that were used while an armed attack by the enemy and was obliged to throw away while fleeing was found near the border post.

Hafiz Heydarov