First vice-speaker answered to the Armenian claims regarding Garabagh

  • 16:26 24 May 2019

First vice-speaker answered to the Armenian claims regarding Garabagh

“Nagorno Karabakh conflict hasn’t begun in 1988”, said Ziyafat Asgarov, first vice-speaker of the Milli Majlis, chairman of the Committee on Defence, Security and Combating Corruption of Milli Majlis, at the meeting with young members of New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), ONA reports.

Z.Asgarov stated that Armenians had territorial claims against Azerbaijan during 200 years: “Armenians are not aboriginal people of Caucasus. Azerbaijan had applied to the League of Nations in 1919 and approved on January 12, 1920. Armenia had applied as well, however, League of Nations hadn’t approved this. Because Armenia hadn’t any territories. 20 states de-facto recognized Azerbaijan as a state”.

Deputy Speaker of Milli Majlis noted that Armenia came out with the claims that Nagorno Karabakh is not Azerbaijani territories in 1918-1920: “Before the collapse USSR decided that allied republics have the right to leave the union. Armenians claim that Nagorno Karabakh is not included in Azerbaijan’s leaving from the USSR. Armenians claim that if you are the heir of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, then you are not the heir of Azerbaijani USSR. They claim that Nagorno Karabakh is given to Azerbaijan with the support of Stalin. However, on July 5, 1921, it was decided to keep Nagorno Karabakh territories within Azerbaijan. It means that before that time Nagorno Karabakh was within the Azerbaijani territories”.

Z.Asgarov said that Armenians who appeared to be groundless in their claims urge Azerbaijan to reconcile with the fact of occupation.