Leyla Abdullayeva: All responsibility falls on Armenia

  • 22:03 10 June 2019

Leyla Abdullayeva: All responsibility falls on Armenia

“In our opinion, there is much confusion in the camp of the enemy forces as to who controls whom. It is clear that the Armenian leadership tries to evade responsibility by spreading false statements,” said Leyla Abdullayeva, spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry, ONA reports.

She noted that the Minister of Defense of this country personally awarding the persons who executed his order on the killing of the Azerbaijani soldier, thereby confirming that Armenia is an occupying state. “This is obvious evidence of the direct participation of the Armenian armed forces in the occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan. This act of the Armenian Defense Minister also clearly demonstrates that Armenia is deceiving international mediators and is clearly disrespectful to them.”

"We recall that during the visit of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs to the region, the Armenian armed forces staged a bloody provocation using sniper fire and again committed a bloody crime several days after the co-chairs made a statement in connection with their visit to the region. We regretfully note that as a result of the irresponsible behavior of Armenia, the region was on the verge of increasing tensions. These provocations committed by supporters of the war in Armenia are an attempt to strike at the essence of the negotiations being conducted to resolve the conflict. We emphasize once again that the entire responsibility for the development of events in this direction lies on the Armenian side,” Leyla Abdullayeva emphasized.