MFA: Let no one doubt that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity

  • 16:19 11 March 2020

MFA: Let no one doubt that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity

On March 10, Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) came up with a statement convicting Azerbaijan in the escalation of the situation on the state border with Armenia and representing a threat to the regional peace and security, ONA reports.

The press secretary of the Azerbaijani MFA Leyla Abdullayeva has commented on the issue.

“Firstly, let’s clarify who issued this statement? This statement is voiced on behalf of the MFA of the occupant country which militarily occupied Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Garabagh region and other adjacent regions and exposed Azerbaijanis living on those territories to the bloody ethnic cleansing. The author of these statements is the Armenian Republic which purposefully killed during the recent weeks on Azerbaijan-Armenia border our border guard servicemen defending the internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan.

We once again bring to the notice of the Armenian side the present status quo situation developed as a result of application of force and ethnic cleansing does not correspond in any way to the security notion. The occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories and the existence of the Armenian armed forces on these territories is the main source of threat to Azerbaijan’s security. Azerbaijan has always acted from the position of indivisibility and universality of the security notion. The withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, as well as the coexistence of the Armenian and the Azerbaijani communities of this region in the conditions of peace and supremacy of law, are the conditions determining the provision of the joint security and the emergence of confidence and rapprochement for the sake of the region’s welfare.

The Armenian side should correctly understand the existing reality and must comply with the requirements of the international community including the resolutions of the UN Security Council and other international organizations demanding full, immediate and unconditional withdrawal from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan and provision of return of the local Azerbaijanis to their homes. Let no one doubt, Azerbaijan will restore justice, as well as its own territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders,” the MFA official stressed.