MFA: Recognition of any body as “state” is out of authority of US states’ legislature

  • 12:15 25 April 2019

MFA: Recognition of any body as “state” is out of authority of US states’ legislature

“On April 24, the Colorado State’s 35-member Senate passed a resolution on the so-called “Armenian genocide”. The resolution refers to the “blockade” of Armenia and the fictitious “Artsakh” by Turkey and Azerbaijan and alleges that a “cultural genocide” of the Armenian “Christian heritage” was carried out in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.”

Spokeswoman of the Foreign Ministry Leyla Abdullayeva said to ONA while commenting on the Colorado Senate’s resolution on the so-called “Armenian genocide”, which refers to the recognition of the fictitious body created in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. 

She said some media representatives tried to present the resolution as recognition of the fictitious body in the occupied Azerbaijani territories. "We want to stress that the content of the resolution does not mean that and the recognition of any structure as a “state”, is out of the authority of US Colorado State’s legislative agency. We want to state that such symbolic resolutions without any practical or legal significance can be taken by a short procedure because it does not produce any results for the states."

Leyla Abdullayeva said that the Embassy of Azerbaijan to the United States sent letters to the leadership and members of the Colorado Senate for the elimination of serious falsifications and mistakes regarding our country and it is foreseen to hold relevant meetings.