MFA: We resolutely reject accusations of Armenia against Azerbaijan as violation of international humanitarian law and Armenophobia

  • 14:45 28 August 2020

MFA: We resolutely reject accusations of Armenia against Azerbaijan as violation of international humanitarian law and Armenophobia

“On August 23, 2020, sabotage-reconnaissance group of the armed forces of Armenia made an attempt to commit provocation on the line of contact of the armed forces of Azerbaijan and Armenia, on the site of Goranboy region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. As a result of the resolute measures taken by the units of the Azerbaijani armed forces, the provocation was prevented, the commander of the sabotage group, first lieutenant of the Armenian armed forces Gurgen Alaverdyan was neutralized”, says the commentary of Press service department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, ONA reports.

The commentary reads that the aforementioned person brought to responsibility confessed that they acted with the intention to organize an assault on the positions of the Azerbaijani army together with a group of the military servicemen of Armenia on the basis of the task assigned by commanders of the Armenian armed forces regarding infliction of damage on military personnel and military infrastructure of the armed forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The voicing by Armenia experiencing the hysteria and panic condition after the unmasking of this nasty intention of Armenia the groundless and crazy accusations against Azerbaijan is the attempt to distract the attention of the international community and the Armenian society from the failures of its own adventurous military policy.

“We resolutely reject the statements of the Armenian side reflecting such groundless accusations against Azerbaijan as violation of international humanitarian law, Armenophobia. The Azerbaijani side has behaved in accordance with requirements of humanitarian law in regard to Gurgen Alaverdyan taken prisoner," according to the commentary.

It is stated that in this regard, it would be appropriate to remember that the country that puts forward claims against Azerbaijan regarding violation of international humanitarian law and has been waging war against the Republic of Azerbaijan for about 30 years and has been committing crimes against humanity including the military aggression act accompanied with genocide and ethnic cleansing is Armenia: “As a result of the aggression of Armenia against the Republic of Azerbaijan, 20000 Azerbaijanis were killed, 50000 became disabled, about one million civil people were forcedly and barbarously expelled from their native residential places, 5364 people became missing, were taken prisoner and hostage and were exposed to grave tortures and humiliating treatment by Armenia. The fate of about 4000 of these people is still unknown."

As of now, Armenia holds hostage our compatriots, civil persons Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev, has exposed them to tortures, has illegally deprived them of liberty.

Armenia, the previous and the present government of this country who remembered humanitarian law including Geneva conventions in the context of taking prisoner of an officer of its armed forces shouldn’t forget that they stubbornly rejected Azerbaijan’s proposal to exchange prisoners and hostages held on both sides by the “all for all” principle supported by the international community including the countries-co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Armenia putting forward crazy claims against Azerbaijan and setting at defiance the most ordinary values of the humankind and the most important principles of international humanitarian law didn’t refrain even from turning the corpses of people killed in the course of the conflict into target of political and material profit, and being a state that applied a price schedule in regard to the corpses in accordance with professions or military ranks of the corpses, has lost long ago the spiritual right to talk about such ideas as humanism, tolerance.

Accusation of the current Armenian leadership, which obviously refuses to apologize for grave war and inhuman crimes committed by previous military-political leadership of Armenia against Azerbaijan and its civilians, Azerbaijan of humanism and humanitarian law is the last level of hypocrisy. Accusing Azerbaijan of damaging favorable environment for the establishment of peace, Armenia unsuccessfully attempts aiming at getting out of responsibility of the appeared situation with its attack attempt in the Tovuz direction of state border on July 12-16 of the current year and inciting and provocative statement and movements, which aggravate situation on frontline and damage attempts of regulation of the conflict.

The world community unequivocally understands that Armenia’s military-political leadership bears responsibility for purposeful aggravation of the situation in the Tovuz direction and this country’s attempt of using the situation around military prisoner Gurgen Alaverdyan in order to distract attention is doomed to failure. The Azerbaijani side resolutely refuses groundless accusations of the Armenian side against our country on violation of humanitarian law and Armenophobia once more, calls on the international community to take practical measures in order to avoid the country from its attempts to aggravate the already sensitive situation in the region.