Minister: “Armenia continues to undermine peace process conducted under OSCE”

  • 17:36 26 August 2020

Minister: “Armenia continues to undermine peace process conducted under OSCE”

“Armenia continues to undermine the peace process, conducted under the OSCE”, said Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov at the press conference on results of meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov held in Moscow, ONA's Moscow correspondent reports.

J. Bayramov said that destructive position of Armenia led to the escalation of the situation on July 12-16 of this year: “Armenian Armed Forces damaged both positions of Azerbaijani Armed Forces, and civil houses in the Tovuz direction. An attempt of occupying Azerbaijani territories has been realized by Armenia. There is a 76-year-old civil person, killed at the yard of his house, among victims of the aggression.”

According to the minister, this act is a provocation preliminarily planned by Armenia for various purposes: “The leaders of Armenia try to distract attention from the internal political and social and economic problems that further aggravated as a result of the failed policy amid fight against pandemic. I also would like to draw attention to the fact that the provocation was committed in Tovuz region situated far from the Nagorno Garabagh conflict zone. The oil and gas pipelines transporting the energy carriers from reservoir of the Caspian Sea to the world market are passing through this territory”.

J. Bayramov also brought to the notice that Armenia continues its military provocations in order to strain the situation: “Thus, early in the morning on August 23, the reconnaissance and diversion group of Armenia’s Armed Forces attempted to attack positions of the Azerbaijani Army. The attack was repulsed, the commander of the group was taken prisoner”.

Farid Akbarov