Russia launches investigations on “” website of Armenians

  • 13:50 19 July 2019

Russia launches investigations on “” website of Armenians

Russian law enforcement agencies will investigate the Armenian site "", ONA’s Moscow bureau reports.

The reason for this is that Moscow Mayor's Office received an appeal on the facts that the site is fomenting the conflict on the national ground in Russia.

Department of Ethnic Policy and Interregional relations of the Mayor’s Office stated that an appeal was filed on taking measures against the site of “” of the Russian Armenians sent to the Department on behalf of Elshan Ibrahimov, head of the regional national-cultural autonomy of Azerbaijanis of the Moscow region.

It was noted that an appeal were sent to the law enforcement agencies for further consideration on whether the signs of fomenting the interethnic conflicts are existed in the website.

The Department also stated that measures will be taken against the site "" in accordance with the current Russian legislation in case of confirmation of the facts noted in the appeal by the head of the Azerbaijani diaspora.

Note that Newspaper of “Yerkramas” of Armenians of Russia has been issuing since 1996. Online version of the newspaper published in Krasnodar is website. The slogan of fascist Garegin Nzhdeh, collaborator with Germany of Adolf Hitler in World War II, close associate of Third Reich on “There shouldn’t be a day without a fight with Turks” is written in title page of the both newspaper and website.  

Farid Akbarov