Russian military experts: “Government that rule Armenia left as a result of April war”

  • 13:13 02 April 2019

Russian military experts: “Government that rule Armenia left as a result of April war”

“April war showed that Azerbaijan Armed Forces are not the same as in 90’s army, it changed a lot. Four days war was surprising for Armenian people and Armenian authority”, said Russian military expert, commentator of “Novaya Gazeta” magazine Pavel Felgenhauer to ONA Moscow reporter.

According to him, the April war itself has led to the change of political leadership in Armenia: “Due to the war the ruling party in Armenia had lost its authority and those who ruled the country for many years had to leave the power. The results of the April war are still continuing. The balance of forces in the region has changed. This is a very serious matter for the prospective development of processes. Today it is perceived that the image of the country is low after this war in Armenia. The Armenian side wanted to retaliate the opponent after the war; they were unable to do it. Armenia does not have the opportunity to buy weapons from Turkey and Israel like Azerbaijan. Yerevan's ability is limited to buying weapons only from Russia. However, there are no Turkey and Israel’s weapons in Russia. That's why the tensions continue on the contact line. Despite the change of political leadership in Armenia, there is still no political solution to the conflict. Therefore, the threat of iteration of the April war and serious conflict is quite high.

Another military expert, chief editor of “National Defense” magazine, retired colonel Igor Korotchenko stated that April war showed high-level combat abilities of Azerbaijan Armed Forces: “The army is the essence of the nation's safe living and the sovereignty of the state. Today, the Azerbaijani army is successfully performing its tasks. I think that, first of all, the supreme commander of the Azerbaijan Army, President Ilham Aliyev’s services are great in this issue. He sets precise goals and achieves his aims. He is doing a lot to strengthen the Azerbaijani army. We, as military experts, analyze the military processes in the South Caucasus. I can say that the discipline of the Azerbaijani army is regulated at the highest level. The Azerbaijani army has great military power. All types of intelligence, radio-electronic warfare of the army is at a high level. The large-scale military exercises that took place some time ago show that the Azerbaijani people can be proud of their army. Today, Azerbaijan Armed Forces are one of the best in post-Soviet space. In my opinion, the agreements on the purchase of modern weapons will further increase the combat potential of Azerbaijan.

The military expert said the probability of the recurrence of the April war is high, as the best option is that Armenia should return the five regions around Nagorno-Karabakh first: “After this, the probability of the occurring of April war will be equal to zero. As long as the Armenian side has not taken that step, the possibility of iteration of the events of April of 2016 will always be high”.

Ilkin Jalilov

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