Russian political scientist: “Minsk Group co-chairs should have reacted first to Pashinyan’s statement”

  • 15:11 13 August 2019

Russian political scientist: “Minsk Group co-chairs should have reacted first to Pashinyan’s statement”

“The statement made by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Khankendi has been crossing out the negotiation process over the Nagorno Karabakh conflict conducted for many years”, said renowned Russian political scientist, chairman of the expert council of the "Eurasian Ideas Workshop" support fund for scientific research, Grigory Trofimchuk in his interview with ONA’s Moscow correspondent.

According to him, this is not first statement of Armenian leadership regarding Nagorno Karabakh: “It is known to everyone that theses voiced by official Yerevan regarding Nagorno Karbakh conflict are ambiguous. Proposition of Nikol Pashinyan about participation of Nagorno Karabakh as a side in peace negotiations as soon as he comes to power, is an example to this. Such statements show attitude of current Armenian leadership to the regulation process of Nagorno Karabakh conflict. I can say that this attitude is not concerning just experts related to resolution process of the conflict, but also everyone who want peace and security in the region. In fact, all these statements of Armenian side cross out negotiation process conducted for long years. Because the demands made by Armenia and Nikol Pashinyan himself are quite stringent and go beyond the framework of negotiation process. Furthermore, the fact of April war of 2016 can not be ignored.”

“Co-chairs should respond to Pashinyan’s statement”

According to the Russian political expert, first reaction to Pashinyan’s statement voiced in Khankendi should have come from OCSE Minsk Group Co-chairs: “Most striking is that no response comes from international observers to the statement of Armenian Prime Minister. Namely OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs should respond to Pashinyan’s statement. Because this statement crosses out the negotiations mediated exactly by them. However, we can not see this reaction. Co-chairs are obliged to react to these statements. They have to examine these statements and react firstly to these. Otherwise, situation around Nagorno Karabakh can exacerbate. If we can not see reactions of international observers, we can witness the preparations of new war.”

“This incident showed that Baku is right about co-chair countries”

Trofimchuk also stated that the forces behind Pashinyan are interested in new war in Garabagh: “In my opinion, Armenia wants to involve Azerbaijan to war by this statement. I can say that this will be not Armenian-Azerbaijani war; but the war of the whole region. Therefore, reaction of international observers is important here. Azerbaijan wants the composition of the co-chairing countries to be reviewed for long years. Composition of Minsk Group co-chair counties doesn’t satisfy Azerbaijan. No reaction shown by co-chair countries demonstrated that Baku’s position is justified and Azerbaijan is right in its position.”

“Armenian government’s strategy on conflict is not clear”

“Russia doesn’t want the start of new war in Garabagh. Generally, neither of regional countries want a war. Forces beyond the region support the start of a new war.  Russia maximally attempts not to radicalize the Karabakh conflict. However, we witness quite a different scene now. Frozen conflict begins gradually to melt. Azerbaijan demands concreteness in negotiation process, want to return its territories. We have to address all the questions to co-chairs. Moscow’s position is not changeable on this issue. Russia wants diplomatically political solution to the conflict. According to the Kremlin, there are not other methods of resolution. However, strategy of the Armenian leadership regarding Nagorno Karabakh conflict is not clear for the Russian leadership. Kremlin expects more concrete position from Armenia on both inside the country, and the incident around Nagorno Karabakh conflict”, Russian political scientist stressed.

Farid Akbarov