Samad Seyidov: "PACE Co-Rapporteurs do not recognize so-called "elections" held in Nagorno Garabagh"

  • 18:13 04 April 2020

Samad Seyidov: "PACE Co-Rapporteurs do not recognize so-called "elections" held in Nagorno Garabagh"

"PACE Co-Rapporteurs state they do not recognize so-called "elections" held in Nagorno Garabagh", said the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign and Inter-Parliamentary relations of the Azerbaijani Parliament and head of Delegation of Azerbaijan to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Samad Seyidov said at the committee’s meeting held today, APA reports.

“As it is clear, realization of international relations is not so easy for all of us currently. Because ongoing occurrences in the world, especially change of our life styles regarding coronavirus pandemics has made necessary bringing absolutely new realities to agenda. From this point of view, international organizations have not remained aside. As you know, some of international organizations have already suspended their activities completely, while some partly. It is unknown when international organizations will normally restore their activities. However President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s speech, especially opinions on the principles of conduction of foreign policy at the first meeting of sixth convocation Milli Majlis are basis for us. In current situation, while international relations have been transferred to online regime, we are continuing our activity. Especially the activity is important as some forces may even use such situation and engage with any provocation against Azerbaijan. As you know, a few days ago we sent a severe letter to the President of the PACE and co-rapporteurs themselves regarding their position, which is full of subjectivity and far from cooperation. It has been noted in the letter that such cooperation is impossible, bilateral relations should be accompanied by firstly mutual consultation, exchange of opinions, and steps, creating a dialogue. Specially stressed that although PACE does not deal with resolution of Nagorno Garabagh conflict directly and it is mandate of OSCE Minsk Group, the Council of Europe and its Parliamentary Assembly have unequivocally expressed their attitude in this regard in the Resolution No 1416, adopted in 2005”, noted S. Seyidov.

Samad Seyidov highlighted that he received a letter from Co-Rapporteurs of PACE Monitoring Committee on Azerbaijan Stefan Schennach and Roger Gale yesterday night and stated a statement of Co-Rapporteurs regarding so-called “elections” held in occupied Azerbaijani territory Nagorno Garabagh on March 31 has been reflected in the letter: “In the statement Co-Rapporteurs fully support PACE’s Resolution No 1416 and demonstrating the same position state they do not recognize such an illegal body as Nagorno Garabagh. Furthermore, Co-Rapporteurs stress they fully support OSCE Minsk Group’s statement dated March 31 and join it. As it is clear OSCE Minsk Group released a statement regarding non-recognition of so-called “elections” held in Nagorno Garabagh and damage of these “elections” to the whole region. Such a statement of PACE Monitoring Committee is essential for us. Because in many cases, we see these rappourters rise issues related to human rights, but they do not express an opinion on violation of human rights of more than 1 million refugees and internally-displaced people as a result of invasion of Azerbaijani territories by making some excuses. I think Azerbaijan’s concrete and open attitude, conduction of policy relevant to our national interests as it was instructed by our head of state, as well as opinions, reflected in the letter we sent to the PACE’s President made basis for such reaction of Co-Rapporteurs. Secondly, PACE’s President also assessed constructive organization of cooperation of Co-Rapporteurs with Azerbaijani Delegation, state and government officials of Azerbaijan as one of main points for development of relations in the letter, he has sent us recently. I consider this opinion of the new President of the PACE should be supported.

In one word, letter, sent by Co-Rapporteurs on Azerbaijan, the position reflected in the letter regarding non-recognition of Nagorno Garabagh as an independent body, illegitimacy of invasive regime, full support to OSCE Minsk Group’s statement is a result of our concrete, open, and strict position.”

Firuza Vahid