State Committee: “Armenians' "restoration works" at Yukhari Govheraga mosque aim to falsify history"

  • 14:35 10 October 2019

State Committee: “Armenians' "restoration works" at Yukhari Govheraga mosque aim to falsify history"

“The works carried out by Armenians under the pretext of restoration in the historic Yukhari Govharagha mosque in Shusha aims to falsify our history,” Chairman of the Azerbaijani State Committee for the Work with Religious Organizations Mubariz Gurbanli told reporters, ONA reports.

Chairman of the Committee stated that Armenians destroyed historical monuments, belonging to Azerbaijan, purposefully: “We decisively condemn it. It is contrary to conventions and various pacts, internationally accepted on preservation of cultural heritage. This position has clearly declared by out Committee. The point which disappoints us is that one of the companies of Islamic Republic of Iran - friend and fraternal country of Azerbaijan also takes part in contemptible activity of Armenians. It has been revealed during research that director of the company studied Architecture in Yerevan. It is also surprising for me what he can be taught in Yerevan. He may be taught such kinds of actions. We have condemned the measure as Islamic Republic of Iran is friend and fraternal country for Azerbaijan.  Armenia’s invasion policy has been condemned in Organization of Islamic Cooperation too. Armenia’s such commitments on historical monuments, belonging to Islam religion, should be condemned by the whole Muslim World. Since when have Armenians appreciated Muslim values?

M.Gurbanli noted that Armenians try to cause damage to Azerbaijani heritage under pretext of restoration: “ Armenian’s political, military and moral vandalism has always manifested itself. Armenian’s vandal actions have actually committed against humanity. If we look through history we can see that they destroyed our historical monuments that belonged to Iravan khanate. They are continuing such activities in our occupied lands as well. Therefore Armenians’ attemps to show their attitude to Islam under the pretext of restoration any mosque is nothing but a fraud. The process of alienation of Azerbaijan's monuments under the pretext of this fraud is under way. We strongly condemn their vandal actions.”