Tural Ganjaliyev spoke about Armenia’s provocations in his article published in Spanish press

  • 13:22 12 September 2020

Tural Ganjaliyev spoke about Armenia’s provocations in his article published in Spanish press

An article of Head of the Azerbaijani community of Nagorno Garabagh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan, member of the parliament Tural Ganjaliyev has been published in the Spanish press, ONA reports.

The wide information has been provided in the article to the Spanish readers regarding the occupational policy of Armenia’s leaders, the attacks committed against Azerbaijan and other important points.

It is noted in the article that in the beginning of 1990-ies, Armenia applying military force occupied one fifth of the internationally recognized territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan. As a result of the ethnic cleansing implemented by Armenia against the Azerbaijani people, over one million Azerbaijanis were expelled from their homes. This occupation was condemned in UN Security Council resolutions ## 822, 853, 874, 884 and it was demanded that the Armenian armed forces should be immediately, completely and unconditionally withdrawn from all occupied territories of Azerbaijan.  

The head of community brings to the notice that Armenia approaches üith absolute indifference the aforementioned resolutions and has actually got away unpunished. In order to conceal occupation of the Azerbaijani territories, Armenia claims that it is guided by the principle of self-determination of the Armenian community living in Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Garabagh region and has organized the so-called regime on the occupied Azerbaijani territories in order to camouflage its political game. At the same time, in the recent years, Armenia has further intensified its illegal activity on Azerbaijan’s occupied territories in order to entrench results of the occupation. Armenia implements illegal settlement policy on Azerbaijan’s occupied territories in order to change demographic composition there by blatantly violating international humanitarian law including Geneva conventions of 1949.

The article reads that Armenia accommodates on Azerbaijan’s occupied territories the ethnic Armenians from Syria and Lebanon, purposefully destroys cultural and historical monuments belonging to Azerbaijanis, exploits natural resources and uses water reserves of the lands occupied by them as a means of environmental terror against Azerbaijanis living in territories adjacent to downstream parts of the rivers. Armenia inspired by indifferent and non-adequate attitude of the international community resorted to multiple provocations during these years in order to further expand occupation of the Azerbaijani territories. It was noted that the latest and large-scale military provocation attempts were made in April of 2016 and in July of 2020. The statements of provocative nature made by Armenia, the irresponsible behaviors of the Armenian politicians and the deployment of the offensive arms on the state border clearly prove that the serious preparations are being conducted over another military attack plan against Azerbaijan.

 T. Ganjaliyev said Armenia’s Defense minister threatens Azerbaijan with "new war for new territories". Meanwhile, spouse of Armenia’s Prime minister Anna Hakobyan organized recently a military exercise show for the Armenian women on Azerbaijan’s occupied territories: “What does the “peace-loving” wife wearing military uniform of Armenia’s “peace-loving” Prime minister do on other country’s territory? Armenia tries to change format of the existing negotiations presents as a “party” to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan the Armenian community of Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Garabagh region in order to cover up the fact of occupation and to avoid responsibility for the committed crimes. The aforementioned attempts are completely contradictory to the negotiations’ format stipulated in relevant OSCE documents. We have repeatedly proposed dialogue to the Armenian community of Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Garabagh region. But regretfully, our proposals were always rejected. This clearly proves that Armenia is not interested in negotiations and peace. Armenia’s purpose is to suspend the process of negotiations and to annex the occupied Azerbaijani territories. Armenia must withdraw its armed forces from the occupied Azerbaijani lands and the return of over one million internally displaced people to their homes must be ensured. The conflict can be solved only in the framework of territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan. We, the Azerbaijani community of Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Garabagh region are ready to coexist with the Armenian community of the region within the boundaries of the internationally recognized borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan”.