135 persons having put forward their candidacies beyond list of NAP removed from party

  • 13:12 25 February 2020

135 persons having put forward their candidacies beyond list of NAP removed from party

“We had 123 candidates nominated by NAP party. And 236 people put forwartd their candidacies using their own rights and without the party’s decision”, said the Deputy Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) Siyavush Novruzov in an interview with ONA.

S. Novruzov said from those people 101 persons withdrew their candidacies after nomination of candidates by the party: “And conversation was conducted with 135 persons. It is mentioned in the Statutes of the party that the party’s decision should be approached with respect. The decisions rendered by the governing bodies of the party shall be accepted by the party members. In the similar manner, it is also mentioned in our Statutes for the party members that they can always use the party’s support. But those persons acted as alternatives to our party candidates. The party has been considering and studying for many years the possibility of winning the elections with certain candidacies nominated over certain constituencies. All these are being planned beforehand. After conducting a study in regard to all these options, the candidates are being nominated. But the above mentioned 135 persons have been removed from the party because they didn’t agree to this requirement. Moreover, those persons represented a certain party organization in Baku and put forward their candidacies in various regions. It was explained to those persons that all forces of the party have been mobilized for supporting the candidate nominated by the party. When two candidates are nominated from one party over the same constituency, the confusion appears among voters. For this reason, those persons were removed from the ranks of the party. Currently, the great majority of them feels repentance and appeals to us for restoration of their membership. And this is the obligation of the party organizations and the Control and Inspection committee to render decision regarding restoration of membership of those persons”.

Firuza Vahid