Ali Ahmadov: “OSCE couldn’t be unbiased and fair once again”

  • 18:06 10 February 2020

Ali Ahmadov: “OSCE couldn’t be unbiased and fair once again”

“The OSCE couldn’t be unbiased and fair till the end once again”, wrote on his Facebook page Ali Ahmadov, Deputy Prime Minister, executive secretary of New Azerbaijan Party, ONA reports. 

A. Ahmadov said the joint statement has been disseminated on February 10 by the observation mission of OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), OSCE’s Parliamentary Assembly and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe regarding the results of the completed snap elections to the Parliament of Azerbaijan Republic.

“I should note that the statement is distinguished by the fact that it doesn’t differ from the traditionally not fully objective position of the mentioned organizations. Another noticeable feature of the statement is the voicing in the document of the positions or assessments contradictory to each other. The observers should have a great fantasizing ability to indicate such a deficiency as a lack of true competition in the election campaign involving over 1,300 candidates struggling for a total of 125 parliamentary seats. One more feature of the statement of the mentioned representatives of international observation missions involved in observation of the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan which attracted our attention is the reference by some European institutions to the biased decisions adopted by them over the years in regard to our country which is the cause of domination of great number of diffuse expressions and comments over concrete evidences in that document.

It should be taken into consideration that besides mentioned observers, comments of numerous international observers, the monitoring election process, are distinguished with their objectivity and concreteness.”

“Unfortunately, OSCE Observation Mission was not able to be fair and objective”, he noted.

“At least, the existence of these “mistakes”, which have been reflected in the statement they release every day, but nobody can see during the election process, gives the basis to come to such a conclusion.

Furthermore, for justice, a reflection of the opinions on the good organization of the elections in the statement would be worth mentioning. The most objective witnesses of the election campaign, which have been left behind in all cases and held in a democratic atmosphere and high competitive condition, are voters and candidates themselves.  

Without any doubt, February 9 elections make up the significant stage in the democratic path and development of Azerbaijan.”

Firuza Vahid