Ali Ahmedov: April wars had identified the ultimate status of our Army

  • 16:48 25 June 2019

Ali Ahmedov: April wars had identified the ultimate status of our Army

It is Armed Forces Day tomorrow. Every Azerbaijani citizen can be proud that we have such mighty Armed Forces. April wars had identified the ultimate status of our Army. Our soldiers, officers and generals have demonstrated to the whole world that they can fulfill any combat orders given by Supreme Commander-in-Chief, especially the order to liberate our occupied territories, said Ali Ahmedov, Executive secretary of New Azerbaijan Party in his Facebook page, ONA reports. 

Deputy Prime Minister stated that the special proud aspect is that Azerbaijani armed forces are among the most powerful armies regarding its power and provision: “Our country which is 89th regarding the population takes 52nd place regarding the might of the Army”.

A. Ahmadov noted that it is impossible to make an excursion to the past and not remembering the anarchy in the field of the armed forces in 1992-1993, on Army day.: “ It is betrayal and crime that ADR-Musavat government was entrusted to the military leadership by an unattractive military adventurer in the war that started with the aggression of the Armenian armed forces against Azerbaijan. The betrayal and crime were that instead of using weapons against the enemies who occupied our lands in the frontline, the most part of them had been shared among civilians in Baku, Ganja and other places, in order to keep people under fear. Another betrayal and crime were that state-level armed forces had been created to serve separate parties and groups. As a result, it was not possible to create a powerful regular army. I bow in front of the dear memory of everyone who fought in volunteer battalions, sacrificing his soul, showing great heroism towards the integrity of the country. They were real heroes. If we had a strong regular army in that period, I do not doubt that firstly, our losses would be much less, and secondly,  our lands had not been occupied. Our heroes, who were ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the homeland, would not allow this to be united under the regular army.”

The deputy Prime minister said that these years have already passed. Azerbaijan has changed. “There is a strong economy, stability and security have made a solid decision., people's welfare improves day by day, the prestige of our country is rising. No one doubts that the occupied lands will be returned because of the will of the people, the power of the Supreme Commander and the power of our Army. And that day is not far off.”

Mirmahmud Kazimoglu

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