Ali Ahmadov: “It seems Ali Insanov not corrected"

  • 15:57 19 March 2019

Ali Ahmadov: “It seems Ali Insanov not corrected"

 The Decree "On pardoning of some of the persons convicted for punishment as imprisonment” issued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev covered more than 400 people. This is a sign of huge humanism act of the President”, said Ali Ahmedov, the Deputy Prime Minister, executive secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP), ONA reports.

A. Ahmedov stressed his regrets on Ali Insanov’s distinctive statement after his release.

“A person who pardoned as a result of president’s humanism shouldn’t act like that. We see that there are people with different outlooks among pardoned people. All of them highly appreciated this pardon decree. At least it is humanist duty. If someone did something good to you, you have to thank. But we haven’t seen that in Ali Insanov’s behavior", - the deputy PM said.

According to NAP official: “Ali İnsanov’s release is a direct personal initiative of the President.  There was not any wish or appeal from outside. Ali Insanov’s bad statement regarding some other countries contribution to his release can be considered as his lack of comprehension. It seems that even though pardoned, he is not corrected. He has to draw the moral from his mistakes. He should appreciate President’s humanism act. If he can not appreciate, it shows which personal qualities he has”.