Ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan addressed to Armenian diaspora

  • 12:49 24 April 2019

Ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan addressed to Armenian diaspora

“Turkey has offered Armenia to open the archives to reveal the truth, and this proposal is still valid”, said the Ambassador of Turkey to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral at the event organized by the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) devoted to the discussion on the so-called “Armenian genocide”.

E. Ozoral stated that Turkey faced with the betrayal of Armenians during the First World War: “Turkey and Azerbaijan are working together in order to reveal the truth. There is nothing to fear or be ashamed in facing of our history”.

“The arrival of the Caucasus Islamic Army to Azerbaijan was not accidental. This army came to Azerbaijan to prevent the genocide of Azerbaijani population by Armenians. The genocide of Azerbaijanis by Armenia in 1990s happened in front of the eyes of the whole international community. Today, the perpetrators of that genocide are considered as heroes in Armenia. How can you explain the existence of mass graves in Anadolu, Erzurum and Guba? The resolutions of parliaments of different countries regarding the so-called “Armenian genocide” do not carry any importance. I want to call on them to let the historians research this issue. The archives of dashnaks are not revealed. These archives also have to be opened for researchers in order to reveal the Armenians’ lies. I call on the chiefs of the Armenian diaspora to stay away from the lies. The truth has to be revealed and the perpetrators should be punished. Thirty-four Turkish diplomats have been killed by the Armenian ASALA terrorist group. The killers of these diplomats and the perpetrators of the Khojaly massacre have to be held accountable and be punished. I want to commemorate with deep respect the population killed by Armenians in Anadolu and Azerbaijan."