Armenians attacked Azerbaijani demonstrators in Los Angeles and injured 7 of our compatriots and policeman

  • 11:23 22 July 2020

Armenians attacked Azerbaijani demonstrators in Los Angeles and injured 7 of our compatriots and policeman

The Armenians living in Los Angeles surrounded the building of Azerbaijan’s General Consulate in Los Angeles on July 21 and held a protest action with aggressive and provocative slogans against our country, the General Consulate in Los Angeles told ONA.

But unexpectedly for them, the members of the Azerbaijani community living in California marched out toward hundreds of Armenians and hampered their provocation: "The members of our Azerbaijani community demonstrating the illustrated placards overwritten with such multiple slogans in English language as “Garabagh belongs to Azerbaijan!”, “Put an end to Armenia’s aggression!”, “Justice to Khojaly”, “Armenia starts war against Azerbaijan during COVID-19 pandemic. Shame on you!” and etc. exposing  aggression against Azerbaijan and ethnic cleansing policy of Armenia, the expelling of about 1 million of civil Azerbaijanis from their native lands as a result of the occupation, silenced the Armenians.

All employees of the General Consulate including the general consul were in the office rooms of the General Consulate on the day of demonstration and were in permanent contact with our community members.

The radical Armenian Dashnaks who couldn’t achieve their goals and got infuriated with this courage of the Azerbaijanis marching out towards numerous Armenians started to demonstrate violence and aggression against our compatriots. Thus, from the cars driven by them, they lashed out with insults on the Azerbaijanis and several of them attempted to drive their cars on our compatriots. The officers of the Los Angeles Police Department lined up around our citizens in order to ensure their security.

The General Consulate evidencing the increasing aggression of the Armenians immediately contacted bus companies in order to securely evacuate our compatriots from the scene of incident and started the process of organization of bus transportation. But 15 minutes later the Los Angeles police officers told our community members that they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to ensure security of the Azerbaijanis and started to evacuate them from the scene of incident with accompaniment of policemen. But unfortunately, at that very moment, the Dashnaks attacked our compatriots and inflicted various injuries on them. Consequently, our 7 compatriots including one woman sustained various injuries. Besides, the police officer trying to defend our female compatriot from the Armenian violence sustained injury in his head. 4 persons out of the injured Azerbaijanis referred to hospital. The general consul Nasimi Aghayev went to hospital, met with our injured compatriots and said all necessary measures have been taken in a bid to bring to responsibility the Armenian criminals". 

The report says immediately after the incident the general consul contacted the head of the Los Angeles Police department Michel Moore and informed him about seriousness of the situation and made a serious reprimand regarding the failure of the police to prevent the Armenian violence: "It was noted that the Los Angeles Police was preliminarily notified about this counter-demonstration held by our community and gave guarantee to the General Consulate that the security of the demonstrators will be fully ensured. But since no adequate measures were taken by the Los Angeles Police on the demonstration day, this incident occurred. M.Moore repeatedly apologized to the general consul for this occurred incident and noted that this case will be seriously investigated and special investigation team will be established in this regard. 

As of now, the investigation team has been established and the relevant investigation is being conducted. The General Consulate has raised with the Los Angeles Mayor and other senior officials the issue regarding this barbarism of the Armenian criminals and demanded taking of relevant measures for immediate identifying and bringing to responsibility of the criminals".