Assistant to President of Azerbaijan Anar Alakbarov meet with media representatives

  • 10:59 19 June 2020

Assistant to President of Azerbaijan Anar Alakbarov meet with media representatives

Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan Anar Alakbarov, Chairman of the Board of TABIB Ramin Bayramli and medical expert of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers Rashad Mahmudov met with a group of media representatives on the role of the media in the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, ONA reports.

Wishing the media representatives success in their activities, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Anar Alakbarov said that the meeting also served to expand cooperation with the media.

Anar Alakbarov said that although quarantine regime and closings were forecasted to cause difficulties in the economic field, President Ilham Aliyev determined the protection of the health of citizens as a priority, the activity of the government has been set up on this strategy. Assistant to Azerbaijani President has thoroughly informed on the discussions conducted in Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers and works done, in accordance with recommendations and instructions of President Ilham Aliyev and First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva during the past period. It has been noted hospitals have been provided with the necessary equipment, training have been held and personnel readiness has been provided, people’s needs have been needed, entrepreneurs have been provided with the necessary support during the period.

Informing on the evacuation of Azerbaijanis from abroad, Anar Alakbarov talked about measures taken in the direction of the evacuation of citizens by taking into consideration the quarantine capabilities of institutions and called on citizens to be patient by taking into account current situation.

Aide to Azerbaijani President noted that it has been possible to take the disease under control thanks to the taken purposeful and consecutive measures over the past period, healthcare system has been reorganized in accordance with the current call. Speaking on the scene, appeared after softening quarantine regime step-by-step, Anar Alakbarov has stressed these steps have been taken consciously and citizens’ demonstration solidarity with state and support of media in promotion in this direction are essential for remove of the threat of rapid spread of the pandemics again in current period.

The assistant of the President at the same time said that instructions will be given to the relevant organizations in the direction to increase control of wearing masks in public transport, supermarkets, big shopping malls and follow the social distancing. He noted that the focus is on strengthening cooperation and communication between the media and relevant government bodies and efforts will be increased in this field, as an assistant to the President, the meetings with media representatives will be regular.

Anar Alakbarov has also brought into attention that also, the solving of the problem of entrants who had temperature and can not attend graduation exams and university enterance exams in the future will be in focus of the Ministry of Education.
Speaking about works done in the field of health and taken steps in the field of to fight against coronavirus the chairman of TABIB Ramin Bayramli have considered necessary citizens to show solidarity in  followin social distance and wearing masks in public transport and closed places. At the same time, he noted that the citizens despite the bans infected with coronavirus in mourning ceremonies especially during the last period, organized at homes, stressing such cases are unacceptable.

Highly appreciating the support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the field of health system to be ready in the fight against coronavirus R. Bayramli also noted that if prior to pandemic there were 1000-1300 appeals daily regarding the ambulance, currently this indicator has reached 2500. In order to prevent problems in this area, 41 ambulances have been attached to Baku within the compulsory medical insurance in the northern regions. The staffs have been formed for these emergency cars. In the end of this month 30 more emergency cars will be bought and will be involved in service to Baku.

Medical expert of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers Rashad Mahmudov has noted the necessity of increasing control on, especially the use of masks in closed places and public transportation.

Answering journalists’ questions Assistant to President of Azerbaijan has stated that the treatment of Bahram Baghirzade is on the focus of attention of the First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva and Mehriban Aliyeva keeps contact with Bahram Baghirzade’s wife Shahla.