Azerbaijani MFA: Armenia is engaged in hypocrisy again

  • 12:02 03 September 2020

Azerbaijani MFA: Armenia is engaged in hypocrisy again

“We observe aggressor Armenia’s attempts for restoration of negotiations aimed at peaceful resolution of the conflict in its statements at the level of Minister of Foreign Affairs in recent times. Its willing to connect these attempts with statements of the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov during his official visit to Russia is also clear”, said head of press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Leyla Abdullayeva while commenting on opinions of representative of the Armenian MFA during a press conference on September 2, 2020, ONA reports.

According to her, the Armenian side probably well listened to the words of Jeyhun Bayramov at press briefing in the Moscow MFA: “Thus, Minister Jeyhun Bayramov stressed that Azerbaijan’s position regarding resolution of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict is based on norms and principles of international law, documents and resolutions of international organizations, including resolutions of UN Security Council and liberation of Azerbaijan’s territories and return of internally displaced people to their homes are necessary within the framework of peaceful resolution of the conflict. It is Azerbaijan’s unchangeable position and removal of results of the aggressive policy of Armenia should make up the content of all negotiations, aimed at regulation of the conflict.

If Armenia’s occupational forces are withdrawn from Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized Nagorno Garabagh region and the surrounding regions, no need will be left for neither ceasefire, nor its strengthening and its violation investigation mechanism.

It is seen that Armenia is still engaged in hypocrisy. While it speaks of peace, on the one hand, it attempted to commit an act of sabotage on the line of contact after the provocation committed by it on the site of Tovuz region of the border between the two countries, on the other hand, it came up with threats of bombing of the Azerbaijani cities, and it still continues the policy of illegal settlement on the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Moreover, the putting forward of pre-conditions for the process of negotiations by Armenia’s Prime minister and minister of Foreign Affairs and their coming up with the claims not having any legal and political ground pursue the goal of disruption of the negotiations.

As for the commenting by press secretary of Armenia’s MFA on Azerbaijan’s official position regarding armament of Armenia by Russia and Azerbaijan’s diplomatic potential, I can shortly say unlike Armenia, Azerbaijan conducts independent foreign policy based on its national interests and the Azerbaijani diplomats implement this policy properly. Armenia that historically has been a tool in the foreign policy of other states and even hasn’t learnt how an independent policy is conducted during the 29 years’ period of its independence, needs at least another 29 years for obtaining a diplomatic potential".