Azerbaijani President: "Need for stepping up public oversight"

  • 13:50 17 October 2019

Azerbaijani President: "Need for stepping up public oversight"

We must try to ensure that all areas of life in Azerbaijan are transparent and meet the highest standards. Of course, in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to carry out a merciless fight against corruption and bribery. I believe that at present we cannot be fully satisfied with this struggle. Because we know that facts of corruption have assumed large proportions not only in Azerbaijan, but also throughout the CIS. That is, it is a bitter legacy we have inherited from the past. But we must fight against negative phenomena – not only law enforcement agencies, but also all relevant agencies, including citizens. I have repeatedly spoken about the need for stepping up public oversight," the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting on the economic area, ONA reports.,

"If lawlessness occurs somewhere, in any region, anywhere in Baku, relevant authorities should identify this and hold those who have committed lawlessness responsible. People, in turn, should report and be more active in terms of public oversight, so that we carry out reforms and build up the power of our country", President Mr Aliyev said.