Azerbaijani President: "Religious and ethnic diversity is our greatest wealth"

  • 12:47 14 November 2019

Azerbaijani President: "Religious and ethnic diversity is our greatest wealth"

"This international event has great importance and we are proud that Azerbaijan hosts this significant event for the second time," the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has said it at the 2nd Baku Summit of World Religious Leaders, ONA reports.

Mr. President emphasized that this once again shows that Azerbaijan plays an important role in the development of interreligious dialogue and will continue: "Holding such an event in Baku is natural. Because Azerbaijan has ancient interreligious relations and traditions. Regardless of the socio-political structure in this area, Azerbaijan has always proved itself as an exemplary country. Over the centuries, representatives of all religions and ethnic groups have lived in our country as a family, in the atmosphere of kindness, friendship, and mutual understanding. Azerbaijan is a multi-confessional, multinational country. This is our great wealth. Our religious and ethnic diversity is our greatest wealth. Religious, national tolerance and tolerance are behind all the steps taken towards the successful development of Azerbaijan, the establishment of stability.”

President Ilham Aliyev noted that our ancient history is also reflected by our religious monuments: “Our religious monuments, first of all, demonstrates that Azerbaijan is an ancient country. It shows that representatives of various religions at different times lived, created in Azerbaijan and inherited a beautiful historical heritage. We are proud that one of the most ancient mosques of the Islamic world is located in Azerbaijan. Juma Mosque in Shamakhi was built in 743. The mosque was renovated a few years ago. This mosque is the second ancient mosque of Caucasus after the Darband mosque. At the same time, the church of ancient Caucasus Albania is located in the other historical city in Shaki. This church has an ancient history and one of the most ancient churches of Caucasus. The temple of Zoroastrianism - Atashgah is located in Baku. It demonstrates that the religion of Zoroastrianism has ancient roots in Azerbaijan. In the next periods, Russian Orthodox churches, synagogues and Catholic churches were built in Azerbaijan.”   

Farid Mirzayev