Azerbaijan's CEC starts printing voting bulletins for municipal elections

  • 12:14 30 November 2019

Azerbaijan's CEC starts printing voting bulletins for municipal elections

The Central Election Commission of Azerbaijan has started printing voting bulletins for municipal elections to be held on December 23 of this year, ONA reports.

Today, Mazahir Panahov, Chairman of the Central Election Commission and members of the Commission have taken part in the event held with this purpose at the Printing House of Azerbaijani Parliament. 

The Chairman Mazahir Panahov who has got closely acquainted with the conditions created and the process implemented at the Printing House, gave his recommendations on strict compliance with requirements of legislation regarding the printing of voting bulletins and their distribution to lower election commissions.

The CEC Chairman said in his statement to the media representatives regarding the printing process implemented in completely open and transparent manner for all election subjects, the requirements related to the text, form, number and method of preparation of the voting bulletins had been defined on the basis of decision of the CEC. The separate printing of a total of 5,020,287 (five million twenty thousand two hundred and eighty seven) pieces of voting bulletins has been envisaged for each one of the 1606 municipalities where the election would be held. 

Printing of bulletins on municipalities, of which candidacy registration has fully been completed, has been started. After printing, election bulletins are given to Constituency Election Commission from Central Election Commission, and then to Precinct Election Commissions from Constituency Election Commission in a manner and period, determined by legislation.  

Chairman of CEC broadly informed on projects and final preparation works, implemented for organizing the municipal elections at high level and in independent, fair, and transparent form and answered reporters’ question at the briefing organized for mass media.

Mirmahmud Kazimoglu