Azerbaijan’s MFA: Armenia’s government must be sure that no provocation to remain without response

  • 12:48 27 June 2020

Azerbaijan’s MFA: Armenia’s government must be sure that no provocation to remain without response

"The blunt description of situation in Armenia being the aggressor country by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev on June 25 of this year during his speech at the ceremony of opening of the military unit # “N”, noting by him of the deep crisis lived through by this “independent” country using specific evidences made Armenia’s leaders to confront bitter truths", said Leyla Abdullayeva, head of the Press service department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic, ONA reports.
She said the establishment of the dictatorship regime through violation of distribution of power in the country by the leaders of Armenia who came to power being wrapped in the cover of “democratic revolution” and promising mountains and marvels to their people, its inability to deliver the promises given by it, the continuation by it of the policy of consolidating the occupational actions of the criminal regime predating it and thereby trampling on norms and principles of international law have already caused revelation of truths as a result of unfolding of the cover in which the Armenian prime minister was wrapped. 

"The last declaration and actions of the Armenian prime minister testify to his failure inside the country, his attempts to hide his failure by escalating the situation in the region, and by reigniting the conflict. Otherwise, how the last provocative and instigating actions of the leaders of the aggressor country directed against Azerbaijan can be explained?!"

L.Abdullayeva said the leaders of the aggressor Armenia must be sure that non of its provocations will remain without response: "The Azerbaijani people acting under leadership of the head of the state and on the basis of norms and principles of the international law, as well as the Azerbaijani legislation, will ensure territorial integrity of the Azerbaijan Republic in the framework of its internationally recognized borders. While, the leaders of Armenia similarly to bearing direct responsibility for military occupation of the Azerbaijani territories and violation of fundamental rights of hundreds thousands of Azerbaijanis subjected to ethnic cleansing on those territories, will also take responsibility to its own people for its criminal actions".