Bahar Muradova: “Armenia's non-conservative position is a threat to sustainable peace”

  • 15:25 18 June 2019

Bahar Muradova: “Armenia's non-conservative position is a threat to sustainable peace”

"It has already been 16th times, ombudsmen have gathered in Azerbaijan regarding important issues and it creates the conditions for investigating the problems, identifying role of the Ombudsman institutions in solving these problems and sharing positive practices,”  First Deputy of the Chairman of the Azerbaijani Parliament Bahar Muradova said at the XVI Baku International Conference of Ombudsmen on the topic of "The role of Ombudsmen in achieving Fair Peace and Sustainable Development Goals", ONA reports.

She stated that Azerbaijan is a convenient place for conducting and sharing such experiences: “It would be possible to establish an institution in any form with the consent of the participating countries at the 16th conference. You can turn it into a permanent and sustainable operating unit. If this institution operated as an assembly of the ombudsmen to deal with the issues, it could be an organization that contributes to the solution of problems in the international arena.”

B. Muradova said that it is impossible to achieve sustainable development without peace: “Azerbaijan makes initiatives to bring the international community together and create new institutions regularly. It is not a coincidence that these events are held in the Caucasus region. Because there are conflict hubs in these regions. Unresolved conflicts and lack of sustainable peace, the non-constructive position of conflict sides, particularly the position of  Armenia that does not fit into any framework, did not allow to achieve sustainable peace for the country and nations. Armenia’s non-constructive position remains as a threat to sustainable peace and coexistence."