British Ambassador addresses welcoming video in the Azerbaijani language - [color=red]VIDEO[/color]

  • 14:25 04 September 2019

British Ambassador addresses welcoming video in the Azerbaijani language - VIDEO

“Azerbaijan is a very important country to the UK”, said newly appointed Ambassador of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Azerbaijan James Sharp in the welcoming video published on Facebook, ONA reports.

Ambassador noted that he has been in Azerbaijan and spent five weeks in Ganja and Baku studying Azerbaijani language and history and is really delighted to be representing the UK in Azerbaijan.

“Azerbaijan is fastly developing and important country for UK. There strong historical ties between UK and Azerbaijan. I intend to further develop and bring these ties to a new level. These include strengthening our relations, support territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and extend our current high level cooperation in the fields of trade and energy”, Ambassador James Sharp stated.

British diplomat who noted about his intentions to strengthen the ties between the British and Azerbaijani citizens in the fields like education, tourism, sports and culture, has also added that he is interested to hold open and productive discussions in the issues of democracy and human rights.

“I impatiently wait to live and work in Azerbaijan, to gather information about this country and its people and enjoy its rich culture”, Ambassador added.