Car of Azerbaijani embassy in Washington shot at

  • 14:25 12 October 2022

Car of Azerbaijani embassy in Washington shot at

On the night of October 10-11,2022, the service car of the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Washington was shut at. In connection with the incident, Azerbaijan's diplomatic representation immediately informed the relevant bodies of the US, and camera footage was presented to the opposing side, the Press Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan told ONA.

It was reported that the charge d'affaires of the United States in our country was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on October 12: "We have expressed our serious concern and dissatisfaction with the incident, and the request to ensure the safety of the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan has been brought to the attention of the other side.

Systematic attacks on diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan by radical members of Armenian communities in foreign countries, as well as attacks and acts of vandalism against our embassies in Washington, Paris, Beirut, and other cities, cause serious concern. Ensuring the security of our diplomatic missions in foreign countries is an obligation of the host country under the international convention. In this regard, we once again emphasize the need to conduct an appropriate investigation into each incident and ensure the security of our embassies and diplomats at the appropriate level.

We remind you that after Armenia declared its independence in 1991, turned terrorism into a means of state policy to realize its territorial claims against Azerbaijan, widely used terrorist means in the process of occupying the territories of Azerbaijan, as well as committed terrorist acts in the city of Baku. As it is known, 24 Turkish diplomats working in different countries of the world were victims of Armenian terrorism.

We note with regret that no perpetrators have been brought to responsibility within the framework of criminal cases on either the attacks that took place in recent days or on the attacks on Azerbaijani diplomatic missions, as well as members of the Azerbaijani community in 2020 in European capitals, as well as in the city of Los Angeles, have been brought to justice. It is this impunity that emboldens radical Armenian groups to resort to new provocations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan strongly condemns the criminal acts of radical forces in foreign countries directed against Azerbaijani diplomatic missions, diplomats, and their property and based on hatred, and demands that the institutions responsible for preventing such provocations in the respective countries approach their duties with full responsibility.

Investigative measures related to the attacks against our diplomatic missions in foreign countries will be kept under the control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," says the Ministry.