CEC chairman warns DECs

  • 17:16 09 January 2020

CEC chairman warns DECs

“The persons nominating their candidacies for deputy can submit to relevant district election commission relevant documents for registration until 18.00 tomorrow”, said Mazahir Panahov, Chairman of Central Election Commission (CEC) at the CEC’s meeting today, ONA reports.

M. Panahov said during this period the persons nominating their candidacies for deputy could appeal to relevant district election commissions, take signature sheets and submit relevant documents to district election commissions until 18.00 tomorrow: “Persons applying to the district election commission have the right to take subscription lists. Provocative actions may take place. Election commissions are a state body and must fulfill their responsibilities. If someone proves that the election commission is not fulfilling duties, no problem. If not the election commission, but the opposite side is telling the truth, then we must say that this site is right. There are times when all the negative aspects are attributed to CEC. We try to avoid negative cases. ”