CMO chairman: “At trilateral meeting, I told Garagein that Karabakh will no have any status”

  • 17:03 14 October 2021

CMO chairman: “At trilateral meeting, I told Garagein that Karabakh will no have any status”

“These are the days that both our remembrance and Victory started. I am holding meetings with Armenian religious leaders for 30 years. However, it was a completely different meeting this time. The reason for it is a magnificent Victory that we won under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev,” said the chairman of the Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO) Allahshukur Pashazadeh while speaking about the meeting of Azerbaijani, Russian, and Armenian religious leaders held in Moscow on October 13, ONA reports.

A. Pashazade noted that he has never run from the meeting, and approved the proposal of the Russian Patriarch: "In a bilateral meeting with the Russian Patriarch, I saw that a lot of false information has been given to him by the Armenian side. That is why I gave detailed information to the Russian Patriarch about the Karabakh realities. The trilateral meeting has great importance for me. Because it was the first time that I was participating in the meeting as a winner side. I felt sorrow in the eyes of the opposite side. This was a result of our Victory. We are indebted to our heroic martyrs and veterans for this victory. I once again felt proud of the Azerbaijani President and our state. Several issues have been discussed in the meeting. One of them was related to the creation of a condition for the religious praying of Armenians, living in Karabakh. I said that all conditions were created for representatives of all religions in Azerbaijan. Another issue was related to visiting of the Armenian religious leader to Khankendi after signing Trilateral Statement. Catholicos of Armenia could not answer my question regarding the issue. Armenian religious leaders also touched upon the issue of “prisoners-of-war”. I said that there is no Armenian prisoner-of-war in Azerbaijan. Catholicos raised the issue of the “status of Karabakh” at the meeting. I stressed that Azerbaijani President had commented on the issue, there would not be any status. In general, I consider the meeting productive.”