CMO Chairman: “Joining efforts of religious leaders to ensure termination of conflict zones”

  • 13:44 21 August 2019

CMO Chairman: “Joining efforts of religious leaders to ensure termination of conflict zones”

“Lately, I express my thoughts at the international forums that conflicts are created by politics and some politicians and religious leaders should serve the purpose of prevention of these conflicts. Due to preventing of creation of such conflicts I came with the initiative as the co-chairman of CIS Inter-religious Board that high-level advisory body for clergymen representing different religions should operate under the UN for providing recommendations on issues related conflicts”, said chairman of Caucasus Muslims Board (CMB) Sheikh-ul Islam  Haji Allahshukur Pashazade in the interview with ONA.

A.Pashazade stated that for establishment of peace he has summoned around the table with Armenian religious leaders in different years with the efforts of various mediators since the beginning of Karabakh conflict: “Russian Orthodox Church acted as traditional mediator of such meetings trying to reconcile common positions as much as possible during the meetings. Furthermore, we have met in Montreux with the mediations of World Council of Churches and conducted negotiations in quadruple format with the participation of Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II. We have signed joint statements on the results of these meetings; however unfortunately, Armenian side doesn’t act accordingly with the spirits of these statements, including the issues on hostages.

Of course, there is and had always been the desire to increase religious factors and thus, gain admiration of Armenian extremists. However, we managed to ruin the intentions of such forces to impose religious cover to Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno Karabakh conflict and brag the conflict to inter-religious dimension. We managed to achieve this through the meetings of religious leaders. Otherwise, imposing religious characteristics to conflict could end up with great tragedies. I always support peace as a religious leader and clergyman and I consider it important to use all opportunities to prevent the bloodshed and save a human life which is a sacred value.

CMB Chairman noted that the whole world, including Armenians definitely knows that Garabagh territories are Azerbaijani lands: “We need fair peace. This is a position of our state as well. Resolutions of international community – 4 UN resolutions should be implemented and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan should be restored. The earlier ordinary Armenian people will accept this truth, more quickly they can be saved from tragedies, peace and prosperity will be established in the region”.

According to him, joining efforts of religious leaders with each other and with political and public figures could ensure termination of conflict zones and thus, save sacred value of human life: “Using peacebuilding potential of religion, and influence and opportunities of religious leaders could serve to prosperity. Political world should accept it. Religious leaders must also do their best by being aware of their responsibilities in front of the Almighty Creator”.