Committee chairman: “Supplements should be added to salaries of medical workers and rewards should be given to them”

  • 13:53 17 March 2020

Committee chairman: “Supplements should be added to salaries of medical workers and rewards should be given to them”

“The joint activity of the government and the community is very important in the fight against coronavirus”, said the chairman of the Labor and social policy committee at the plenary meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament held today, ONA reports.

M. Guliyev said the government’s behavior in response to this situation is adequate to the scale of the incident: “All measures are being taken for bringing back from the countries where the coronavirus is spread, taking under quarantine and isolation of our citizens. Each citizen should unconditionally obey the instructions given by the operative task force. We have all kinds of resources in the area of medical prophylaxis. I ask the operative task force and the mass media to provide information to the wider community 5-10 times during a day. In such a case, no place will be left for fake information. Today, the awareness-raising activities regarding the coronavirus are also at a high level in our country.

However there is a bipolarity in behaviour of the public. In one polar thare is panics, agiotage, while in the other polar ignorance. Our people just should follow recommendations of the Task Force. Dangerous case is advices of the persons, who are not doctors. That is why I appeal to all social media users that non-professional people should not write their own opinions."

M.Guliyev stated that the most effective way to fight the virus is to stay away from the sick person: “Mass gathering of people is not desirable when there is no need. Let us consider that we are in a state of war. We should protect one another and our relatives. At the same time, it is also advisable to use disinfectant liquids at work. Amendments should be made to legislation in order to implement these conditions.  A decision should be adopted with the retention of salaries, the work of employees should be suspended for two weeks and sent to social leave. An addition should be made to salaries of health workers and  rewards should be granted.”