Constitution Day of India is celebrated in Baku

  • 15:55 27 November 2019

Constitution Day of India is celebrated in Baku

India celebrated its 70th Constitution Day on 26 November 2019, Embassy of India in Baku told ONA.

The Embassy organized an event to mark the occasion at the Embassy. The event, which was attended by members of the Indian community and friends of India, was graced by Azerbaijani Member of Parliament, Mr. Rufat Guliyev, who is also a member of the Azerbaijan-India Friendship Group in the Milli Mejlis.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador of India, Mr. B. Vanlalvawna talked about the essence of the Indian Constitution, which encompasses the social, economic and political life of every Indian and guarantees justice, liberty, and equality as enshrined in the Preamble. He also touch upon the fundamental duties which is an essential feature of the Constitution of India.

Mr. Rufat Guliyev, Member of Parliament, said that India, a country with more than 1.3 billion people, has the richest democratic traditions. He mentioned that the Constitution of India adopted the best features of the constitutions around the world. He also remarked that the general elections of India are the biggest democratic process, with over 900 million registered voters, 11 million election officials, 1 million polling stations, and 2.3 million electronic voting machines. Ms. Shristi, an University student made a presentation of the making of the Constitution of India.

Indian democracy works on the principle of equality, which essentially means all citizens are equal before the law. It respects and imbibe multiculturalism and provides no room for discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, creed or race.

The Constitution of India is the foundational law that lay the basic political structure of India. The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution of any country in the world, containing 395 articles in 22 parts, 12 schedules. It adopted the best features of the constitutions around the world and modified them to suit the Indian conditions. Azerbaijan, which celebrated its Constitution Day on November 12, shares many of the best features of the Indian constitution, such as upholding democratic values, clear separation of powers of Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, guaranteeing certain fundamental rights and certain corresponding obligatory duties to the citizens, etc.

The Government of India decided to organize a year-long celebration to mark the Constitution Day, and the Embassy of India plans to organize a number of events during this period.