Demining of Karabakh is on focus of Britain's attention

  • 15:51 15 November 2021

Demining of Karabakh is on focus of Britain's attention

Member of House of Lords of the British Parliament Lord David Evans has addressed a written question to British Government on how his country has supported Azerbaijan's demining efforts so far, as well as what additional support it will provide in the future. Azerbaijani Embassy to Great Britain told ONA.

Britain's Minister of State Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Department Lord Goldsmith has answered MP's question.

In order to determine how Great Britain will support Azerbaijan regarding mine issues, in June 2021, the British Defense Ministry has sent a specialist on combating explosive weapons to Azerbaijan. In September, State Minister for European Neighbourhood and the Americas at the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office Wendy Morton has announced that her country has allocated 500 000 pounds sterling financial aid to the UN Development Fund for taking important steps in the direction of eliminating existing mine problem in the region. The mentioned financial amount will be spent on training and involvement of specialists in the demining field in Azerbaijan in order to support demining works".

Question of the British parliamentarian, and as well as answer of the MFA official has been placed on the official website of the British Parliament.