Deputy Prime Minister criticized diaspora organizations

  • 14:37 24 April 2019

Deputy Prime Minister criticized diaspora organizations

“Some diaspora organizations try to set their activities through governmental support. But this is wrong,” Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Ahmadov said at the event organized by the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) related to the so-called "Armenian genocide", ONA reports.

Mr. Ahmadov stated that the diaspora organizations should support nation and state: “We have to set this line to go. A powerful state has powerfull influence. As the strength of Turkey and Azerbaijan increases, our circles of influence, our opportunities to prevent Armenian lies will also be expanded.”

The Deputy PM said that deportation policy against Azerbaijanis was implemented by the former USSR government: “There are official documents regarding this. Other nations have raised issues at the international level regarding USSR deportation policy. We have to use this means against Armenians."

Aida Tinayeva

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