Deputy Secretary-General of EC: Azerbaijan is a leading state in intercultural dialogue

  • 11:00 02 May 2019

Deputy Secretary-General of EC: Azerbaijan is a leading state in intercultural dialogue

“It is an honor to come to Azerbaijan again. Azerbaijan is a dynamic and young state," Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe Gabriella Battaini Dragoni said at the 5th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, ONA reports.

Battaini Dragoni stated that Azerbaijan is a leading state in intercultural dialogue: “I would also like to thank the Azerbaijani government for the organization of this Forum and the Baku Process. This forum and the Baku Process are an irreplaceable platform in order to share experiences in the field of intercultural dialogue. Intercultural dialogue is crucial. In 2008, we published the European Council's White Paper titled "Living Together in Dignity". The principle of democracy, equality, and rule of law is essential for the Council of Europe and we are developing in this way."

Gabriella Battaini Dragoni said that the member states of the Council of Europe have adopted these principles: “We can build inter-state relations and achieve peace based on these principles. We have North-South Center which is working on the concept of global citizenship. Resolutions of the European Court of Human Rights and tolerance in decisions of the Council of Europe entities are promoted. Intercultural dialogue is a never-ending challenge. We must turn the principles of this Forum into action.

This requires us to eliminate concerns related to living together and rebuild state structures. Protection of minority rights in intercultural dialogue is very important. Progress will be provided on the basis of political will. We observe the development of extreme nationalism and populism in contemporary Europe. Therefore, many problems arise, we face the minorities’ rights issue. The Baku Process is dedicated to these issues. This is very important for us to win.”