Election results cancelled at Khatai District Third Constituency #35

  • 17:52 13 February 2020

Election results cancelled at Khatai District Third Constituency #35

Central Election Commission (CEC) has reviewed the complaint at today's meeting by Igbal Agazade, candidate for deputy from Khatai Third Constituency # 35 and Rafael Tagizade, his authorized representative, member CEC stated, ONA reports.

He said after the investigation conducted by the Experts’ Group it became clear that in all polling stations of Khatai District Third Constituency #35, the requirements of legislation have been violated: “Those violations committed during implementation of the voting and identification of results of the voters don’t allow for determining the voters’ will. If in such circumstances it is not possible to re-determine the voters’ will, there is no ground for recounting of the votes”.

R. Ibrahimov stressed that in 30 polling stations from the total 33 polling stations, the law violations took place: “The law violations committed at all polling stations mentioned in the appeal were also revealed during the investigation”.

At the meeting, it was proposed to invalidate the election results in this constituency.

CEC member stated that the appeal should be provided partially, the results of an election over polling station #30 should be canceled, the result of the election over that constituency should be considered invalidated.

The issue was discussed and the results of the election were canceled at Khatai District Third Constituency #35.

Note that Rauf Arifoglu, the head of Yeni Musavat media group was the leading candidate of this constituency.

Firuza Vahid