Embassy: Opportunities for provision of aid to citizens facing problems in Turkey considered

  • 12:43 01 April 2020

Embassy: Opportunities for provision of aid to citizens facing problems in Turkey considered

“The necessary and urgent measures are being taken for ensuring our citizens’ health based on instruction of President of Azerbaijan regarding the coronavirus pandemic spread in the whole world including Azerbaijan”, ONA reports citing the relevant information disseminated by Azerbaijan’s embassy to Turkey.

“in Turkey as well, due to the quarantine measures taken due to coronavirus pandemic and restriction of movement, some Azerbaijani citizens living there, especially a certain part of our students receiving education in Turkey at their own expense have faced various problems of welfare and administrative background.

In the conditions of continuation of the existing situation (until restoration of travels by air and land ways between the two countries), the opportunities for provision of aid to our citizens having been ousted from their residential places or having faced serious hardship regarding provision with food (provided that relevant confirming documents are presented) during a temporary period are being considered. For this purpose, our concerned citizens are requested to fill in necessary data and to apply by means of the below-given link.

Link to registration form: https://tinyurl.com/rlpgpa2

After consideration of the applications at Azerbaijan’s embassy to Turkey, the citizens being in dire need of aid, will be contacted and the opportunities for organization for them of a residential place or provision with daily meal on the territories of their current stay in Turkey will be considered depending on urgency of their needs.

We thank beforehand for understanding our citizen regarding their abstention from applying due to their non-affiliation with the above-mentioned categories”, the message notes.