English and French parliamentarians express their fascination of Azerbaijan’s security and tolerance

  • 14:03 29 May 2019

English and French parliamentarians express their fascination of Azerbaijan’s security and tolerance

“When I came to Azerbaijan, I was concerned about security. However I noticed that Azerbaijan is an extremely secure country”, said Nathan Gill, Member of European Parliament (MEP) from the UK,  at the conference held at the Milli Majlis, ONA reports.

N.Gill stated that he is freely walking in the streets of Baku: “I did not know Azerbaijan is an economically developed country. I was freely walking in the streets. Yesterday I noticed families who were freely walking during Republic Day. Azerbaijan is a comfortable country for tourists.

N.Gill mentioned that he will give information about what he saw in the European Parliament: “You can not stop people from lobbying for Armenians. But, by showing the truth to people, you can fight against lies.”

 Jan-Luck Reytser, member of the French Parliament said that Azerbaijan carries out an independent policy: “Considering the borders of Azerbaijan with Russia and Iran, the independent policy of Azerbaijan fascinates me. Azerbaijan, along with its development, has maintained its independence. Tolerance in Azerbaijan inspires me as well. Although Azerbaijan is a Muslim country, it is a secular state. We come across with more covered women in Paris, in comparison to Azerbaijan. Ethnic minorities live freely in Azerbaijan. Some say that democracy is not complete in Azerbaijan. In which country democracy is complete?  Democracy has not been fully established in France as well. That’s why I say to people come to Baku, to observe. By coming to Azerbaijan you will see realities.

Head of the sector of the Presidential Administration Fuad Akhundov reminded that Armenian team has participated at the opening ceremony of first European Games held in Baku: “Today Armenian brother and sister gymnasts are in Baku to participate at the sports competition. Mkhitaryan issue is the result of Armenian propaganda. Even though Mkhitaryan is a strong player, he is hardly playing in the first team”.