Etibar Mirzayev: "Your forests are not burning, our forests are burning" - [color=red]VİDEO[/color]

  • 11:07 04 August 2021

Etibar Mirzayev: "Your forests are not burning, our forests are burning" - VİDEO

"We decided to split the convoy in two. The convoy of firefighters will stay here. They themselves will be divided into two parts. The rest of the car will leave for Mugla, said Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Lieutenant General Etibar Mirzayev to journalists during his visit to Turkey, APA reports. 

“As you know, on the instructions of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, we have sent our firefighters and equipment to the Republic of Turkey to fight forest fires in the Republic of Turkey. We have been here for four days. Dealing with fires in the direction of Mugla. We achieve the desired results. We continue this work together with our local Turkish brothers. The 236 firefighters who came here today will stay here and we are fighting against forest fires. I want to note that Turkey and Azerbaijan are brotherly nations. We will always be with our brothers. Just as the Turkish people stood by the Azerbaijani people, we stand by the Turkish people and state. We always say to our Turkish brothers who call us dear Azerbaijan, your dear brothers are with you. We are proud of you. Let me note that the Turkish state is a great state. The Turkish nation is a strong and heroic nation. Forest fires will also be prevented. Your forests are not burning, our forests are burning. We are with you until the end. "