EU Ambassador: Azerbaijan and EU are committed to reaching agreement soon

  • 13:50 04 May 2019

EU Ambassador: Azerbaijan and EU are committed to reaching agreement soon

“Nobody in the world can tell the date when negotiators are still working, it is the mutual process, there are two sides they are talking text in the making proposal, they are exchanging their views,” the head of the EU delegation to Azerbaijan, Ambassador Kestutis Jankauskas told ONA.

The EU Ambassador stated that the sides [Azerbaijan and EU] will finish when they agree.

“What I can promise is the process is going on well, they work intensively almost every day, works are ongoing. We are committed on both sides to make this happen as soon as possible,” the EU official noted.

Emphasizing the meetings related to the 10th anniversary of Eastern Partnership program(EaP) to be held in Brussels on May 14 the Ambassador said that anniversary is always an opportunity to look into achievements and into the future.

“The high-level conference which will be participated by the leaders of EU institutions, as well as heads of states and governments of EU member states and six countries (EaP), will be held Brussels on May 14. This conference will have two parts. One of them is looking to the achievements or what went wrong so far, where there is potential room for improvement. And I like the quote when people say that the biggest room in the world is a room for the improvement. Moreover, the second part will exactly be trying to start the process of the reflection for the future, because there are expectations from the Eastern partners, there are different views within the EU member states and there will be new European Commission, new European Parliament after elections coming in May. So I think what we should and might expect exactly set up the reflection process for how to develop the Eastern Partnership program,” Mr. Jankauskas stated.

Zumrud Pashkin

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