N Korea Foreign ministry officials to visit Azerbaijan

  • 18:14 29 April 2019

N Korea Foreign ministry officials to visit Azerbaijan

North Korean vice-foreign minister Pak Myong Guk and a delegation will visit Azerbaijan, ONA reports citing Korean Central News Agency.

The group of DPRK foreign ministry officials left the North Korean capital on Saturday for the trip to Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) member states, which will also see them visit Azerbaijan and Mongolia.

No further details of the purpose or schedule of the trip were released, and it is still unclear which country the officials will visit first.

The delegation was, however, photographed by South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency leaving the airport in Beijing on Saturday.

The trip comes as the DPRK continues to seek to strengthen ties with its traditional friends and to increase trade with these countries as negotiations with the U.S. over sanctions relief remain stalled. 

The tour could, too, be part of reported efforts by the DPRK to boost trade ties with countries in the Middle East as a way to counter over-reliance on trade with China.