Former FM: “We expect the US to bring those, who shot car of Azerbaijani Embassy in Washington, to responsibility”

  • 17:15 12 October 2022

Former FM: “We expect the US to bring those, who shot car of Azerbaijani Embassy in Washington, to responsibility”

“An investigation on shooting service vehicle of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Washington on the night from October 10 to 11, in the US is underway. However, most likely, it is an act of Armenian Diaspora organizations, Armenian organizations tended to terrorist,” Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Tofig Zulfugarov told ONA.

Tofig Zulfugarov has reminded attacks on our diplomatic missions by Armenian radical groups in Great Britain, Lebanon, and France: “In general, Armenian terrorist groups used tactics of terrorism and attack on diplomatic missions. Such kinds of provocations belong to Armenian political behavior.”

Drawing to the attention that no measures have been taken on the attack on our diplomatic missions in Britain, Lebanon, and France so far, the former Foreign Minister has also noted that the countries where the incident was committed are responsible for the crime that occurred: “Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan takes relevant measures for prevention of such cases, for non-exemption of perpetrators of such crimes from responsibility, non-reoccurrence of such cases. It is requested to conduct a relevant investigation regarding every incident that happened and ensuring adequate security of our embassies, as well as diplomats. In general, systematic attacks against diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan by members of radical Armenian communities abroad in recent times, as well as attacks and vandalism acts against our embassies in Washington, Paris, Beirut, and other cities, create serious concern. According to the Vienna Convention, ensuring the safety of our diplomatic missions abroad is the obligation of the host country under the international convention. We expect that the relevant bodies of the US will ensure the safety of Azerbaijani embassy, those attended the crime, who shot the car of the embassy will be brought to responsibility.”

T. Zulfugarov reminded that as a result of Armenia’s policy of occupation, up to 1.5 mln mln. people remained in the country: “However, nearly 10 mln. Armenians live in various countries in the world. It is impossible to find a country on the world map without at least 1-2 Armenians. In other words, mentality of the Armenian people is diasporic. Armenians always create an image of victims and use the theme of the so-called genocide in order to draw attention. And now they want to come up with a new fictitious topic that they are supposedly the victims of some kind of pressure or occupation, and the only way to defend themselves is terrorism. We saw this terrorist nature of Armenians in the example of Türkiye in the 1970s, and these actions continued until the mid-1980s. About 60 Turkish diplomats and their family members were victims of Armenian terrorism. In the 1990s, they started to apply the wave of terrorism was applied to Azerbaijan, and committed explosions in subways, trains, and buses. Especially after their defeat in the 44-day war in 2020, the activation of Armenian terrorism was expected."

The former foreign minister emphasized once again that diplomatic missions should be protected by the countries where they are located: "Under the Vienna Convention, this is an obligation imposed on those countries. As the security of the embassies in Azerbaijan is protected, our representations should be protected at the same level. In addition, according to the circumstances, additional necessary security measures should be taken in relation to the embassies which are expected to be in danger. I am sure that relevant steps have been taken and will be taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan to solve these issues."