French parliamentarians to prepare report on Azerbaijan

  • 12:33 29 November 2019

French parliamentarians to prepare report on Azerbaijan

"French parliamentarians to prepare a report on Azerbaijan," French Ambassador to Azerbaijan Zachaire Gross told ONA.

"These parliamentarians came to Azerbaijan then they went to Georgia. These are the only countries where they visited in the Caucasus, then they will go to other countries, Jordan. So, they want to look at Eastern Partnership (EaP) and also Mediterranean Partnership and the different kinds of partnerships that the EU can have in multilateral format such as the EaP, bilaterally, such as specific agreements, partnership agreements and they wanted to see what are the different kinds of desires, wishes, expectations here and now they are in Georgia, then they will have feeling of where these countries want to go. After this visit, they will write a parliamentary report which will come out the spring," the Ambassador said.