Georgian SSS: Various forces destructively operate around Keshikchidagh under guise of national values

  • 13:43 16 April 2020

Georgian SSS: Various forces destructively operate around Keshikchidagh under guise of national values

“Last year various forces including some groups and individual persons participated in the events around Keshikchidagh under the guise of to protect national values,” it was reflected on the reports of Georgian State Security Service for the 2019 year, ONA’s local bureau reports.

The document reads that destructive campaign has been conducted on Georgian-Azerbaijani border by falsifying the situation and this campaign has aimed at damaging relations between two countries which have strategical partnership relations.

“In the background of geopolitical difficulties in the region, Georgia continues its lasting neighboring relations with Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. However, there are ongoing attempts to directly or indirectly interfere in ongoing bilateral relations and deliberately damage them,” the document reads.

The document stresses that a destructive campaign was launched last year, threatening the strategic partnership between the two countries with the situation on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border: “Various forces, as well as the persons and groups hiding under the guise of protecting national values and they, were actively used in order to aggravate the issue. There have been provocative calls to try to present the situation around the temple as an occupation.”

It was said that Georgian SSS has conducted relevant measures in order to prevent the provocations and stabilize the situation: “SSS participates in the work of the State Border Delimitation and Demarcation Commission, which is a legal format for regulating the issue between Georgia and Azerbaijan. In order to minimize the threats, relevant recommendations are given to the agencies participating in the negotiation process.

The report also notes that the states interested in influencing Georgia also try to confront various ethnic and religious groups living in the country, use public discontent for their own purposes and manipulate public opinion to negatively affect important processes.

Said Babazadeh