Group of Azerbaijani famous journalists address appeal to Russian Embassy to Azerbaijan

  • 10:52 07 April 2021

Group of Azerbaijani famous journalists address appeal to Russian Embassy to Azerbaijan

A group of Azerbaijani famous journalists has addressed an appeal to Russian Embassy to Azerbaijan, ONA reports.

The appeal reads: “Detection of remains of Russia’s “Iskander” Operative-Tactical Missile Complex in Shusha is at the focus of the attention of the Azerbaijani public.

Remind that employees of the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA) detected details of the ballistic missile during search and neutralization of mines and unexploded ordnances in Shusha city, liberated from Armenian occupation. Analysis of the recognition number on the remains of the missile shows that Shusha was shelled using the “Iskander-M” Operative-Tactical Missile Complex. Remains of the missile were detected on March 15. But the Azerbaijani side announced belonging of these remains to the “Iskander-M” Operative-Tactical Missile Complex only after comprehensive expert analysis.

We must remind: Such statements have been sounded in Yerevan that Armenia shelled Azerbaijan using the “Iskander-M” Operative-Tactical Missile Complex, produced by Russia. For example, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian Former President Serzh Sargsyan, former Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces Movses Hakobyan have sounded such claims.

But an official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov resolutely denied the implementation of “Iskander” missiles in Karabakh at that time and said: “According to our information, as well objective and reliable information, confirmed with an objective control system, such type of missile complex was not used in Nagorno Karabakh during the conflict.”

Then it is stressed in the appeal: “But missile details of “Iskander-M” Operative-Tactical Missile Complex have been detected in Shusha now. This modification of the Operative-Tactical Missile Complex should not be exported and is used in the equipment of the Russian Army.

Detection of remains of Russia’s “Iskander” Operative-Tactical Missile Complex in Shusha was just announced on April 2. This news has widely been covered by both Azerbaijan and foreign media. But the exact and unequivocal official answer of the Russian side has not been heard yet. We are surprised that Russian Federation does not hurry to clarify in the person of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, other related structures how Shusha city could be shelled using “Iskander” Operative-Tactical Missile Complex. Certainly, investigation of the fact fully and comprehensively requires time. But non-existence of an official statement on even the launch of the investigation causes serious misunderstanding and concern in the Azerbaijani public.

We hope that the Russian side will state its official position soon and officially announce the launch of the investigation.”