Head of Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan approves action plan on 30th anniversary of 20 January tragedy

  • 12:29 07 January 2020

Head of Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan approves action plan on 30th anniversary of 20 January tragedy

“Action plan on holding the 30th anniversary of 20 January tragedy” has been approved in accordance with the Order of the Head of Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan Samir Nuriyev, ONA reports.

According to the document, the implementation of events dedicated to marking of the day of 20th January as a symbol of fight for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in the country’s cities and regions, departments and organizations, the arrangement of conferences, meetings and lectures reflecting the essence of the 20th January incidents, the demonstration at cultural centers of the stage plays, fictional and documentary films dedicated to the tragedy have been envisaged. The broad enlightening in mass media outlets of the events dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the 20th January tragedy has been planned.

Besides in order to attract the world community’s attention to this tragedy the tasks have been given regarding implementation of relevant events by Azerbaijan’s diplomatic representations and communities in foreign countries and ensuring the preparation, publication, and broadcasting of materials in various languages about the 20th January incidents by the world’s leading mass media outlets, as well as TV channels and internet networks. 

According to the action plan, a special lesson dedicated to the tragedy will be held in all educational institutions of the republic. Humanitarian assistance will be provided to the families of those killed during the 20 January events. Necessary works will be conducted in the area of Alley of Martyrs. Religious ceremonies dedicated to the memories of the victims of the tragedy will be organized.

Moreover, the decree provides for the organization of the public visiting the Alley of Martyrs on January 20, a commemoration of martyrs with a minute silence at 12.00. The national flags will be lowered in the cities, regions, villages, and settlements of the republic as a sign of mourning in connection with the 30th anniversary of the 20 January tragedy. There will be other events in this connection.